Saturday, 14 September 2013

Are tourists ready to come back to Ivory Coast?

It has been a year since Grand Bassam, the first capital of Ivory Coast, was made into a UNESCO World Heritage site. Full of old, French, colonial architecture, tree-lined avenues and artisanal markets - it's cited as one of the country's main tourist attractions. But are tourists ready to come back to post-conflict Ivory Coast? Two years ago post-election violence rocked the country, claiming more than 3000 lives. The BBC’s Tamasin Ford went along to find out.


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  2. We are trying hard to bring them back Tamasin! We were, we believe, the first overland truck based operator to take a trip through Ivory Coast since the conflict died down in 2012. We even had a professional film maker with us as we spent the night in a village to see a stilt dance performance.