Tuesday, 11 March 2014

P-Square rock Abidjan

Nigerian twin brothers P-Square, Ivorian Zouglou band Magic System and a slightly grumpy Malian legend, Salif Keita rocked Abidjan's national stadium for the opening night of the MASA festival.  

After years of conflict, the country had become a place deemed too dangerous for top artists to perform and the historic event fizzled out after an attempt at hosting a peace festival in 2007.  

But with the arrival of peace alongside a stable government – the MASA is back – 7 days of music, stand-up comedy, dance, story-telling and theatre.  The BBC’s Tamasin Ford was at the national football stadium in Abidjan for the launch.
To listen to this report, please click on this link.

Zouglou band, Magic System

Peter and Paul, from P-Square
Malian legend, Salif Keita

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